Yoga for Every Body

Yoga promises increased flexibility, strength, and balance, and sure, that all sounds great... but it's hard to get started. We get that. 

There's no such thing as too inflexible, too out of shape, too clumsy, too far gone, or too uncoordinated for this class. All you need is a body. We'll do our best to make sure that when you leave, you'll feel a little better than you did when you came in. 

Teachers of Yoga for Every Body classes are committed to facilitating a positive yoga experience for anyone and everyone who wants to give it a try. Sequences of poses will vary from class to class, depending on the needs of that day's students. Teachers check in with individual students to encourage and support safe ways of strengthening and stretching, always respecting individual comfort levels with regards to attention and hands-on adjustments. You will hear over and over in this class that if it hurts, don't do it. That doesn't mean that you won't have plenty of opportunities to push yourself, but yoga should never hurt.  

Come check it out. Every class will end in shivasana, a period of deep relaxation that helps you to fully absorb the benefits of your yoga practice.