You might be thinking, "WHOA! Are these prices for real? They're so much lower than most everywhere else in the greater Atlanta area!"

Here's our response:

Yep. These prices are real. We are committed to creating an accessible, welcoming environment for our community. Being budget-friendly is a big part of that. For us, yoga is about connection, self-care, and wellness. It might *feel* luxurious sometimes, but it shouldn't be an out-of-reach luxury item. If you agree with us, we hope you'll sign up for some classes and become a part of our growing community. 



2 classes/week - $8.12/class
3 classes/week $5.42/class
4 classes/week - $4.01/class

Aerial Yoga




$110 for 2
(inquire about 3+)

2 classes/week - $6.88/class
3 classes/week - $4.58/class









for 10 days of unlimited classes



per class



Yoga promises increased flexibility, strength, and balance, and sure, that all sounds great... but it's hard to get started. We get that. Formerly known as "yoga for every body", this class is great for beginners. You will be guided through a series of postures intended to bring movement to your joints, awareness to your breathing, and circulation throughout your body. Unlike YG Foundations, this class is NOT focused on building strength, but rather on finding greater ease of movement through increased flexibility and on bringing stillness to the mind. There's no such thing as too inflexible, too out of shape, too clumsy, too far gone, or too uncoordinated for this class. All you need is a body. We'll do our best to make sure that when you leave, you'll feel a little better than you did when you came in. (And if you already have a solid foundation, this class will provide plenty of instruction geared towards you, too.) Teachers of Gentle Yoga classes are committed to facilitating a positive yoga experience for anyone and everyone who wants to give it a try. Sequences of poses will vary from class to class, depending on the needs of that day's students. Teachers check in with individual students to encourage and support safe ways of strengthening and stretching, always respecting individual comfort levels with regards to attention and hands-on adjustments. You will hear over and over in this class that if it hurts, don't do it. That doesn't mean that you won't have plenty of opportunities to develop and deepen your practice, but yoga should never hurt. Every class will end in savasana, a period of deep relaxation that helps you to fully absorb the benefits of your yoga practice. This class is for you if: Your body craves movement, and you'd like to take it slow. And/or if you are looking for a quiet, calm retreat from the chaos of the outside world. Especially great for those recovering from injury, just getting back into exercise, or concerned about feeling "behind" in another kind of yoga class.


Interested in yoga but don't know where to start? Start here! Get stronger, learn about proper alignment and discover ways to move through an Asana practice in a supported, beneficial way. Although this class is geared towards beginners, it may be physically challenging at times. Modifications will always be offered.

This class is for you if: You are new to yoga, want to take things a bit slower, or are looking to revisit the principles of poses and flow


Half and half for the yogi on the go. 30 minutes of power flow followed by 30 minutes of restorative.

This class is for you if: You have been practicing regularly for at least 2 months. You want a workout, you want a rest, and you want them both to happen in the space of an hour!


**Please note, due to limited space, YG Aerial classes are open to the first EIGHT who sign up. This class costs non-members $22/class. Members are entitled to one aerial class per month as part of membership; additional Aerial classes are $10.

Come HANG OUT with us! The silks are the ultimate prop to support a strong practice, help you to engage muscles for inversions, and open your mind to new possibilities in your practice. You can go deeper into poses using silks for support and you can develop strength in new areas when fully supported and suspended. Additionally, many students find that restorative poses are extra-restorative when they are supported by the silks.


Not a beginner anymore? Feel like you can hang out pretty comfortably in downward-facing dog pose? Connecting breath to movement more or less makes sense to you, even if you don't always remember to do it? In these vinyasa-inspired classes, you will build on your foundation.

In YG Power Flow classes, teachers will guide you through about 10 minutes of warming up to prepare you for 45 minutes of mindful movement. Get ready to find your next level of strength, flexibility, endurance and confidence. Class will end in savasana, which some of us secretly think is the best part.

This class is for you if: You have been practicing regularly for at least 2 months. You are in good physical shape and you like your yoga to feel like a workout.


In a supportive class of soon-to-be mamas, you’ll aim to boost balance, circulation, flexibility and muscle tone for a healthy pregnancy. Through postures modified for each trimester, you will work to open and strengthen all the right muscles to counteract the weight of your baby bump, striving to prevent the aches, pains and imbalances common in pregnancy. Plus, you’ll pick up deep breathing and relaxation tools to use in labor, delivery and beyond into parenthood.

This class is for you if: You are in any trimester of pregnancy. Suitable for beginners or those with an existing practice.


Sweet rest can be yours. In this restorative yoga class, the instructor will guide you through a series of poses to encourage deep relaxation. Whether you are looking to lower blood pressure, improve digestion, or just calm that racing mind, this class will be a welcome respite from the daily grind. No yoga experience necessary. This class is open to people of any age, shape, size, and gender identification. Yoga props will be utilized to help you maximize comfort, which will help you derive maximum benefits from this soothing practice. Come on in, and It's like nap time for grown ups. Join us.

This class is for you if: You have been on the go-go-go and you'd enjoy some guidance in slowing it all down for an hour.