I first tried yoga when I was a college student at the turn of the century. The class met in an awkward little space in the athletic building, in full view of the exercise bikes. I can still remember the weird-but-cool experience of paying attention to my feet, of learning to stand all over again. The focus was micro-level but the effect was macro; I left class that day feeling a little more comfortable in my body. I was carrying more than a little extra weight around at the time - both physically and emotionally - and the 9 weeks I spent in this “yoga basics” class put me on the path towards a healthier, more functional, and happier version of myself. Through yoga, I found strength I didn’t know I had, deep reserves of patience and compassion, and a new, better brand of self-awareness. I stopped worrying about whether I was any “good” at yoga. (Spoiler alert: turns out there’s actually no such thing as being good or bad at yoga!)

I’ve practiced yoga at studios and in gyms, in hotel rooms and in parks, in Tucson and New York City and Seattle and Chicago and so many places in between. I love few things more than being led through a yoga practice by a skilled and creative teacher who plays an awesome mix of music. By the same token, I’ve noticed a couple of distressing trends in the last few years:

The idea of yoga is intimidating! See: “I’m not flexible enough”, “I can’t afford the yoga uniform”, “I think the yoga train has left the station and I’m too late to get on it”, and any other excuse that some people (ahem) have made when the topic of yoga comes up.

The yoga “scene” has exploded! See: Entire stores built around fancy yoga outfits, Instagram hashtags devoted to yogis in impossible-looking poses, yoga competitions.

Sometimes in life we are lucky enough to find a person who sees us and supports us in ways that make the impossible suddenly seem totally doable. For me, that’s my wife, Luma. I dragged her to her first yoga class a few years ago, and that’s where this next, new, exciting chapter begins. We have joined forces to make the Yoga General dream a reality . I hope you will come practice with us.