Yoga General, in the spirit of an olden-days general store, strives to be a community hub. It's a place to come to your first yoga class, to learn a couple of poses to help with those tight shoulders, or to linger a few minutes after class to enjoy a cup of tea--whether you're in spandex or sweatpants, you'll be comfortable in our space. Whether you have an established yoga practice or you've been kind of sedentary for the last few years, Yoga General has got you covered. 

We aim to be a no-intimidation, no-judgement zone where you (yes, YOU!) can find YOUR way into yoga. From increased flexibility to greater strength to mental clarity to increased self-confidence, the benefits of yoga are too good not to share. 

Yoga General features clearly-named classes at the same time every day. You will be taught by teachers who care about helping you to get what you came for. Whether for a great workout, a break from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, a better understanding of how to feel good in your body, or some combination of the above.



Emily & Luma
Co-Founders of General Yoga